Duration: 4 days / 3 nights
Activities:: 4,5 km bike ride, tree climbing , log rafting,  Tres Chimbadas lake, pirañas fishing, La Torre parrots clay lick, nocturnal boat ride and caiman spotting.
Includes: Lodging, transportation, meals, bilingual guide, equipment.

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Day 1
Reception - Office – Transfer to Inotawa Lodge- walk along the bike circuit

Your guide will be waiting for you at the airport and will take you to our office in the city of Puerto Maldonado.  You will get registered and have the opportunity to visit the local market, do some last minute shopping for things you might have forgotten such as batteries and raingear.


Afterwards we will travel along a dirt road for about an hour to Puerto Nuevo located in the Native Community of Infierno. Here we will embark on our one-and-a-half hour boat trip up the Tambopata River.

On the way to our lodge we will have lunch, as well as fruits, cookies and a bottle of water. We will enter the Buffer Zone of the Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja Sonene National Park

Arriving at Inotawa Lodge.

Once we arrive at Inotawa Lodge you will be welcomed by the administrator and your guide who will make sure you receive all the necessary indications in order to make the best of your stay. Then we will show you the different areas of the Lodge as well as the location of your rooms.

In the afternoon there will be a walking tour with your guide along the cycling track so you can get to know the roads that you will explore the following days on your bike.

After dinner, the guide will provide you with details of the activities in the program.

Day 2
La Torre Clay Lick, bike ride, Tres Chimbadas lake, piranha fishing


Early in the morning we will have the opportunity to travel by boat for about 10 minutes till the La Torre Clay Lick, a 4m high and 20m long mud bank, which has  grains of clay necessary for the diet of macaws, parrots, and parakeets.


We go on our bike trip along a 4km circuit that goes throug different types of forest, making stops in reforestation áreas of dragon’s blood, patches of bamboo, kapok, katahua and others.



We go by boat for about 15 minutes and then spend 40 min walking through a trail that crosses the ecotourism concession of the Native Community of Infierno. Here we will find a spectrum of water that is characteristic of the Peruvian Amazon, this is Tres Chimbadas Lake.

In Tres Chimbadas Lake we will board a traditional catamaran with a single oar in order to move around the lake following the route indicated by your guide. We will see wildlife and lakeside vegetation, birds such as Hoatzin, Anhinga, herons, and kingfishers, some reptiles and mammals, especially the illusive giant river otter, because the lake happens to be the territory of a clan that is frequently spotted. It’s also possible to practice catch and release fishing and maybe catch a piranha.


Day 3
Bike (optional) - tree climbing, caiman spotting and nocturnal boat ride


On our way back from the La Torre Lakes we will travel downriver until Inotawa Lodge on a traditional raft made of balsa tree trunks in order to enjoy the riverbanks and their sounds without any noise of an engine.


After breakfast we will have a 15 minute walk along an off-road trail down to the lupuna ( ceiva ), which is a 40m high tree. We will put on the tree climbing gear and then ascend to the treetops and a high platform. Once we get up the tree, you can have breathtaking views of the landscape.


In the evening we head out in the boat to enjoy the sounds of the Amazonian night, we might see a thunderstorm spilling out on the horizon or marvel at constellations like the Southern Cross or Scorpion.

We will also be carrying a powerful searchlight in case we come across some nocturnal animals such as caimans, capybaras or nightjars on the banks and meanders of the Tambopata River.


Day 4

After having breakfast early in the morning, we will return to the Inotawa office in Puerto Maldonado and then go to the airport where your guide will help you with the check-in process for your flight back to Cusco or Lima.



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