The Tambopata National Reserve is listed as one of the most bio diverse zones of the planet. Therefore it is of vital importance to develop environmental and social projects in its buffer zone in order to maintain that reserve.

Inotawa is directing and supporting projects in the fields of research, conservation, eco- tourism and rural tourism in cooperation with different organizations and educational institutions such as the Peruvian Society for Environmental Law ( SPDA), the National University of Madre de Dios( UNAMAD), the University of Huelva in Spain and the Association of the inhabitants of La Torre for sustainable use and eco- tourism of the Tambopata (AMTUSET).

This is where the investigators and volunteers support us by realizing reforestation activities, census of flora and fauna, temporary keeping and maintaining of wildlife in rescue centers as well as environmental education and construction.



  • The duration of volunteering should be no less than 7 days and may be as long as the volunteer and INOTAWA agree upon.

  • The volunteer must collaborate at least 4 hours daily in the assigned activities.

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