Since its beginnings as a tourism operator in the La Torre sector INOTAWA has always tried to partake in the community by promoting projects for sustainable development. We found rural tourism to be the most accepted by the community. That’s why we founded the Association of the inhabitants of La Torre for sustainable use and eco- tourism of the Tambopata (AMTUSET).

The general goal of AMTUSET is to use the area in harmony with the environment. We want the area to be managed in a sustainable manner (environmentally, socially and economically) by developing eco- tourism, in its form of rural tourism, with the active participation of AMTUSETs members.



The tourist partakes in the activities of the local families’ every day life. Planting and harvesting (banana, yucca, rice etc.), fishing and peeling rice in a mortar like device for example. He will also help in the preparation of typical food and beverages of the region (masato, tacacho, juanes, chapo), at the manufacturing of handicrafts based on seeds and vines, dyeing of bonbonaje fibres with natural dyes such as huito, sanipanga and others in order to fabricate hats, fans or small baskets. He will also learn about the use of construction materials such as palmichi which is interwoven and used as thatching material.

The program is complemented by visits to our eco- tourism concession together with a local guide from AMTUSET. He will show the tourist the eco- system that’s been used already by our ancestors to recollect seeds, fruits, construction materials, fishing and hunting and which now with the income from tourism can be conserved.

This unique combination allows the tourist a broad insight into the people’s culture and their point of view of the amazon region which is very different to what we might be accustomed to.



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